About us

I, Christa,  and my family on my mothers side, are from the Alps. A stunning region called 'Allgaeu' on the German / Austrian border, so I have half grown up in the mountains.  

Our influence and passion has always been in chalet style, interiors and clothing having had two shops in Bath specialising in items made in the Alps. We used to own Hansel und Gretel, Shop and Strudel Bar, since 1991. In 2006, we opened a clothing shop, UBER, for men and women, also in Bath.

We left our shop life in Bath in 2011 after twelve years of thinking and dreaming about our wish to combine all of our loves in one place with a bespoke accommodation and boutique. It was an "either we do it now or we stop talking about it" moment. We dreamt of a more Alpine location and after a year and a half of searching, we found Singdean in the beautiful Scottish Borders. 

Both of us and our two dogs are now very happy to call Singdean home. We hope that you, as many of our guests have found, feel the same enchantment as we do.

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